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【28 years and counting】


(Contributed by Rhonda)
June for me is many anniversaries .
Especially this year is special as on June 10th I celebrated living in Japan for 28 years and America 28 years. June 9th was 22 years living in Yamanashi.
It’s hard to say where 28 years went as it feels like only yesterday that I arrived here.
I may not be 1/2 Japanese but I do feel like I belong here more than I do in the States. Why do I say that? My life is here. My family is here. My businesses are here. I feel at home and comfortable here.
America will always be in my heart but now my home is here.
I have seen many changes in Japan in 28 years and have grown with it.
I hope during all these years that I have helped Japan become more internationalized all the while keeping many of the customs.
Sadly in 28 years I have not mastered the language. I still speak 98% English. Most everywhere I go I am paid to speak English, In my home it is 98% English.
I feel spoiled as most everywhere I go people try to speak English to me including the hospital. As a matter of fact I feel like many of my appointments are an English lesson. I don’t mind as a nurse anything I can do to help them is my pleasure .
I have accomplished so much in the last 28 years. I have raised 2 beautiful children. Lost 60 kgs. Started my own English School ,Cafe and Detox diet tea businesses. Met the Empress 4 times. Traveled all over Japan and have taught 1000’s of people English.
Japan is my home now and I look forward to the next 28.

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