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【A Unique form of Protest】

(Contributed by Mike)
Toronto is a growing city. It seems that every year we see more and more people, on the streets, driving cars, taking buses, and interestingly, riding bicycles. Over the last five years, bicycles as a form of commuting has become increasingly popular, prompting the Toronto government to start to take action, creating bike lanes to ensure that traffic moves smoothly, and more importantly, to protect bicycle riders.
But of course, with more bicycle riders come more accidents. In the last few months, we’ve seen three people killed in bicycle accidents. In response to this, many cyclists participated in a die-in.
Die-in isn’t a real word. It comes from the word sit-in, which is a form of organized protest. Protesters will occupy an area, usually sitting quietly, or engage in chanting. The goal of a sit-in is to draw attention to a social or economic problem, and is effective because it’s unusual; people don’t usually sit somewhere en masse.
So a die-in is a play on words. By pretending to be the victims of traffic accidents, these protesters hope to draw attention to the dangers that cyclists face. I can’t say how effective this kind of protest is, but it is certainly unique.
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