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【Trip to the local animal】


(Contributed by Kelly)
My girls and I went to the local animal shelter this morning to see the dogs that were up for adoption. Unfortunately, they were all just way too big. The girls were not happy about leaving without a dog but I just can’t have an 80lb dog in an apartment, just doesn’t work that way. Not to mention they all decided if we were going to get one of the dogs they wanted a Saint Bernard mix. I said “let me think, yeah not happening in a million years.”
Of course I heard “Please, please, come on, please. We will take care of him. We will feed him and walk him, promise.”
Yeah, not happening! Anyone with kids knows that means they will take care of the animal for a few days, maybe a week and then they get bored and I would end up doing it all. Therefore, no dog for us yet, but it is going to happen.
However, when we got home I had emails from another shelter about an hour from my house and they have little dogs. There were a couple that look very promising. So, we are going tomorrow and I am hoping we get lucky.

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