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【Las Vegas】


(Contributed by Shani)
Summer is coming soon and a lot of you are starting to plan your summer holidays. Maybe you should consider Las Vegas if it is a holiday full of excitement, nice hotels and boiling hot sun you want. And there is plenty of shopping and sightseeing to be done also! This is a city I would strongly recommend you to visit if you haven’t been.
Las Vegas is, however, most famous for Casinos. It is often called ‘Sin City’ and is the gambling capital of the world. Las Vegas is located in Nevada Mojave Desert. Because of its location in the desert, the weather is always dry and hot throughout the year. However you do not have to spend any time what so ever in the heat as there are innumerable luxury hotels and casinos to spend your time in, and also big shopping malls. It is a resort town famed for its buzzing energy because of its famous the fancy restaurants and bars.
The Las Vegas Strip
It is not always about partying and gambling in Las Vegas, as there are 2 World famous sites, only a short drive from the city. First of all you get to the Hoover Dam, which is an amazing piece of engineering on the Colorado River made in the 1930’s and where you can step from the state of Arizona to the state of Nevada. Further on from the Hoover Dam is the Grand Canyon. This is just an amazing natural spectacle which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and which is best seen in a helicopter of which you get on from the city of Las Vegas.
The Grand Canyon
The Hoover Dam
Overall, Las Vegas has something for everyone and anyone can enjoy what it has to offer, no matter how old they are. Best of luck if you are having a go on the Roulette!

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