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【The Night of San Juan (St. John)】

(Contributed by Jackie)
This past June 23rd people celebrated the Night of St. John in every beach of the enchanted island, Puerto Rico. The night of San Juan is a tradition celebrated yearly in many parts of the world. This tradition originates from the biblical story stating that John the Baptist or Saint John referred to by Catholics was born six months before Jesus. John the Baptist’s birthdate was set by counting six months prior to December 24th which is the date Catholics assigned as Jesus’s birthday, they set the date for St. John’s birth to June 24th.
Although St. John’s day falls on the 24th of June, traditional celebrations commence on June 23rd, in many parts of the world people celebrate by lighting bonfires in which people jump over. Interestedly this festivity closely coincides with the June solstice, this celebration changes slightly among the countries that continue this tradition, in Puerto Rico however it is very different.

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