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Let me find out ! I’m not an Entrepreneur!


I was web-surfing Yahoo.com this morning and came across this interesting article about starting your own business. The title of the article is ‘4 Types of People Who Make Poor Entrepreneurs’ (http://finance.yahoo.com/news/4-types-of-people-who-make-poor-entrepreneurs-153139824.html). It turns out, I am definitely one of them. This surprised me because I always thought I would become an entrepreneur since I was young. My father owns a business, and growing up, I saw how excited and proud he was. I told myself, that’s what I want to do too!


Here are those four types of people who shouldn’t start their own business, according to Amy Levin-Epstein at CBS MoneyWatch:


1) People who hate risk. OK, I don’t hate risks but I definitely get scared, and it takes me a while to convince myself otherwise.


2) People who love their lifestyle. According to the article, because it takes a while for a business to catch on, it would be difficult to continue if you can’t give up your vacations and daily Starbucks coffee. You have to sacrifice your daily expenses to cover your business costs. This kind of person is least like me. I think I can adjust to any situation if I have to. It’s easy to say so, though.


3) People who need a bi-weekly paycheck. Well, who doesn’t love bi-weekly paychecks?! I need to feel a sense of security and know that money is coming in. Also, I’m not sure if I can even handle a huge amount of money and have to make if it has to last for the next six months.


4) People who enjoy taking directions. This sounds like me too. I like having assignments and deadlines. 


I’m currently working at V-English and I truly love it, but I was also thinking one day, I will start my own business because I just thought that was the right thing to do. So this article gave me a little breather from that thought and the time to think about what I really want to do in my life.



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