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【My Cat】   *要点説明あり


(Contributed by Meg)
Many of you guys might have already been familiar with my feline daughter who many times appears on my screen during the lesson. Her name is Angel and she is approximately 10 years old. She is a very affectionate yet very possessive and free-spirited girl.
My daughter found her 10 years ago at a parkin lot of an apartment we used to live in. She was a skinny scrummy looking kitty who certainly was craving for human’s attention. My daughter, who was 9 years old back then, couldn’t just leave the poor kitty alone at the parking lot, and although the apartment did not allow us having pets (but we secretly had another cat that lived up to 21 years) we had decided to take her in.
Since then, we moved to a new place where we can keep her without hiding and she found her favorite spot in this house that happened to be where you guy can see her most of the time. Most of the time she is just sleeping without moving a muscle, so you might not even realize there is a cat. But once in a while you might see her get up, starts rubbing herself against my head and cuddles up in my laps.
So if you see her during the class, please don’t mind her. I am the one who is invading her space;)



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