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Why People Learn Languages


I often wonder, why do people learn a language? In the case of languages like English or Chinese, it’s very useful to learn those languages, right? But what about native speakers of those languages who choose to learn something else? Personally, I am learning Japanese, and I have friends who are learning languages like French or Korean. We’re all native English speakers, and when we go on holiday or do business overseas, there are plenty of English speakers to help us. So why do we learn a different language?


For me, I learn Japanese for 3 reasons. The first is that I want to communicate with people. I studied at an international school when I was little. In that school, a lot of people didn’t speak English or spoke it as a second language. So I really wanted to learn their languages so I could speak with them. Nowadays, if someone uses a language I can’t understand, I feel lonely and want to learn what they’re saying.


The second reason is that I like learning new skills. I think it’s natural for people to want to improve constantly. When I speak Japanese–with all the grammar and intonation correct–I feel very good. It’s a really warm feeling to have people understand you for the first time in a different language.


The third reason is that I can learn a new ways of thinking by learning new languages. There are so many words in Japanese that don’t have a literal translation in English. For example, the idea of 和. I couldn’t fully understand the concept without understanding Japanese language and culture.  Another one is 空気読まない. We can’t say anything like that in English. So I really enjoy being able to learn about it in Japanese.


I hope you all can feel the same interest in English and enjoy learning and speaking it together. I’m sure you will have lots of new experiences! See you later!

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