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【One Sweet Day Part 1】


(Contributed by Jackie)
Many of you know I was born in Brooklyn, NY in the lovely now posh neighborhood of Williamsburg, I am the youngest of my siblings with an age difference of 13 years from the youngest before me. Well since my siblings were so much older than me I played with my cousins, nieces and nephews, you may ask yourself she’s an aunt since childhood, yes my siblings are that much older than me.
In a previous blog I mentioned how I enjoyed my summers in New York City playing with my cousins, running on the block, sitting on the stoop, and having conversations of our childhood topics about toys, cartoons, school and games. I was very close to one of my cousins who was about one year and a half older than me, we were always together and when I say always I really mean it, we even went to the bathroom together that’s how close we were. Anyways I also have two other cousins who were really close, they were older than me about seven to nine years older, these cousins I will observe and admire since they were in their teens and I wanted to be just like them, I really did talk them too much when I was little since they were preoccupied with their own things like fashion and boys! They always wore the latest fashion in clothing and hair, it was great to be a teenager in the 80’s!

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