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【This is MIJA】


(Contributed by Kelly)
Well we did it! Yep, went to the animal shelter about an hour from my house and found ourselves a pet. There were so many animals up for adoption, it was so sad. I cannot believe how many dogs were abandoned. While there are those who were sent to the animal shelter because a family could no longer take care of it, or its owner was too sick or passed away so they could no longer keep the animal that is not always the case. In fact according to the people working at the shelter the majority of animals are simply abandoned. That is not cool.
Anyhow so we went and were there for about 1 ½ hours looking at dogs and playing with them. We finally had them bring in a Chihuahua mix and the girls fell in love. Her name is Mija and she is a year and a half old. Such a good little dog who was abandoned in a parking lot. She is kind of house trained and while that worried me we just make sure and take her out regularly until she gets used to it. She hardly makes any noise except maybe a small bark when she wants to play and she will howl occasionally if she wants your attention. She is perfect!

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