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(Contributed by Kelly)
It has become clear to me that we here in America may need to take a closer look at our educational system. In my opinion, too many individuals have no idea what is going on in the world today and even less about our history. I am not familiar with other countries but I am embarrassed by what I watched on TV earlier today.
So, earlier I asked my 6-year-old cousin about the 4th of July, since it is this weekend. I asked him why he likes the fourth and why we celebrated.
His answer- “I love the 4th of July because I get to see fireworks and BBQ. We celebrate it because on this day a long time ago the Declaration of Independence was signed and now we don’t have to pay taxes”
I said, “Uh, we still pay taxes Joe.”
He said “Yeah, okay but not on tea!”
At this I laughed, I mean he did get the Boston Tea Party mixed up with the Declaration of Independence but he is also only 6 and in 1st grade, so I figured he is doing pretty good. In all fairness, the Boston Tea Party was in 1773 so the dates are relatively close together.
It was later that I began to wonder what is going on in America. I was watching some television and a man was asking people on the streets “What the fourth of July meant to them? When the Declaration of Independence was signed, who signed it and a few other questions.
The answers blew my mind, I mean grown men and women did not know the date it was signed. They were giving answers like 1812, 1942 & 1976.
Now the year 1812 has historical significance- The war of 1812 is also referred to as the second American Revolution
The year 1914 nope, not the signing of the Declaration of Independence, imagine that. Although, Mighty Mouse did appear in a cartoon and Kellogg has started selling “Raisin Bran”, I really do like that cereal
1976, really, they actually gave this date. I cannot even go into how crazy that answer is.
Well okay, it was July 4th 1776 so they were not even close. Just really makes a person wonder just what is going on in schools these days.

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