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【A Lovely Afternoon】



(Contributed by Jackie)
In my previous blog entries I wrote about my favorite place to visit in Puerto Rico; Old San Juan. Old San Juan is a historic district in Puerto Rico, this city was constructed by the Spaniards during the 1500’s, my first visit to this place was in April 2000 and I fell in love with it ever since. I occasionally visit Old San Juan from time to time, but this time I stopped at an area that I will always walked by but I never went to, so on that day my family and I decided to take a walk on the Castillo del Morro Field.
Many people come to this field daily, however on the weekends a lot of people from the Island go this area to enjoy a nice family outing. You will find families sitting on the lawn having picnics and children running and playing there. The most common activity held here is kite flying. We can enjoy a great breeze perfect for kite flying, since this place is close to the water with a beautiful view of the sea. This area is so famous for kite flying that an annual competition is held in February, in this competition you can enjoy watching many beautiful kites dance with the wind. On the day of my visit, I didn’t get a chance to fly a kite since we didn’t plan our visit to Old San Juan, it was just one of those stir of the moment things that you do. My family and I had a really nice time walking on the field, my daughter especially enjoyed running all over the place and watching the kites fly by. On my next trip to that place I plan to be prepared and bring some sandwiches, drinks and a blanket to enjoy sitting on the ground and enjoy a family picnic. I also want to fly a kite the next time I’m there. We ended our beautiful day by walking to The Morro Fort where I took pictures in front of the beautiful entrance.

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