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【London’s Secret Language】   *要点説明あり

(Contributed by Karl)
Cockney ryhming slang is a collection of phrases; not a language but is used by some Londoners. Slang phrases are made up of taking an expression which rhymes with a word and using that expression instead of the word.
My father used to say to me when i was younger ”use your loaf” ryhming slang for ”loaf of bread=head”( use your head). Never did understand what he was saying to me!! Even though we did not live in or around London, Cockney slang spread to many parts of England.
Cockney slang has been around for a very long time and it is still being developed today. Get this one: ”wind and kite”= website
Here are a few more for you to enjoy:
Apples and Pears= stairs
Adam and Eve = believe/ would you Adam and Eve it (believe it)
Dog and Bone= phone/ who is that on the dog and bone
Jack Jones= alone/ I have been sitting here all on my Jack Jones
Ruby Murray= curry/ Let’s go for a Ruby Murray
Trouble and strife= wife/ I love this one my favourite
Watch and chain=brain
Whistle and flute= suit/ Nice whistle and suit
Natter=chat/ They love to natter
Dead loss= boss
Deep fat fryer= liar
Butcher’s hook= look
【ロンドンの押韻俗語(Rhyming Slang)について】
・父は私が子供の頃、「use your loaf」と言いました。
・Loafof breadのbread とheadの韻から、Use your headと言いたいのです。
例えば、wind and kite = websiteというものもあります。

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