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【“There”, “Their”, “They’re” and other Crazy English Spelling】   *要点説明あり

(Contributed by George)
There are many words in the English Language that are spelt (spelled) differently and pronounced the same. These words are called Homophones. Some common examples are:
there, their, they’re: They are all pronounced “THAER” – “Look at that nice house over there”, “their house is very nice”, “They’re going to the cinema next weekend”
to, too, two: These words are all pronounced “TU” – “I am going to the park”, “I like chocolate too”, “I have two ears”
cite, sight, site: All pronounced “SAIT” – “I need to cite information for my essay”, “That bird is a rare sight around here”, “This is a good site to build a school”
bye, buy, by: These are said “BAI” – “Bye, see you tomorrow”, “I want to buy a new car”, “There is a window by the door”
so, sew, sow: Say these words “SOH” – “that is so obvious”, “sew a dress”, “Sow seeds in the garden”
soar, sore: Pronounced as “SOR” – “The birds soar in the sky”, “my hand is sore, I need to see the doctor”
rain, reign, rein: All of these are said “REIN” – “There’s some heavy rain on the way”, “The queen of England has reigned for 70 years”, “When riding a horse you need to hold the reins”
aye, eye, I: These are all said “AI” – “aye captain, I will do that”, “I hurt my eye”, “I am better than you”
These are just a few examples of the many words in the English language that are said the same. Don’t worry many native speakers make mistakes with these ones. To practice homophones (words that sound the same) try writing sentences with each of the words and making sure you choose the right word.
English is a crazy language and all of our spelling is mad because when the printing press was invented, all the different spellings from Celtic, German, Latin, French and hundreds of regional dialects got confused. There are also many words in English with similar spellings that are pronounced completely differently called Heteronyms, but I’ll talk about that another time.
Happy learning,
(Contributed by George)
・there, their, they’re
・to , too, two
・cite, sight, site
・bye, buy, by
・so, sew, sow
・soar, sore
・rain, reign, rein
・aye, eye, I

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