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【Summer Time in South Carolina】



(Contributed by Crystal)

Summer Time in South Carolina


South Carolina is a wonderful place for summertime fun. There are trails for hiking, beaches to visit, world famous golf courses, amusement parks, and historic sights galore!


There is one particular hiking trail that diagonally crosses the entire state from the Mountains to the seas, as is our motto. It’s called the Palmetto Trail. This trail begins in Awendaw S.C. and extends 425 miles to the Oconee State park. The trail is divided into sections, so hikers can easily hike one section at a time or even a part of a section if they like.

There are many Beaches to visit on the S.C. Coast. Myrtle Beach attracts tourist from all over the world. People love to come and stay there. It is my least favorite though, because tall buildings and restaurants and businesses etc. have taken over the entire beach area, and there is little peace or nature there anymore.

However, Myrtle Beach does attract golfers from all over the world. Many of the golf courses there are next to the ocean providing a wonderful view and a cool sea breeze. The courses also have a variety of turf, including: marsh, sand, grass, and ponds.

Other than golf courses, people from S.C. and our visitors from around the world also love amusement parks. There are roller coasters, drop zones, and water parks as well.

If you aren’t into the amusement park adventure, you can always visit our many historical sites. We are very proud of our long rich history and the historical sights allow you to tour by horse and buggy, on foot, from a bus, or even from a bicycle cart.

There are many fun places to visit in S.C. This is a friendly and welcoming state. I invite you to check us out!

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