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(Contributed by Sharan)



So, I went camping with a friend last weekend, and it was quite the experience. First of all my friend and I have never been camping before, or to a proper festival. Luckily we were in a reserved area which was a little nicer than the main campsite. There was just a small patch of grass for us and a few others to call home.

I was yet to learn that the camping escapades for the next four nights and three days would cement my brain. The challenge of getting up, and not being able to stand vertically on my own two feet right away was bizarre. We had to get dressed, prepare our skin, apply make-up and sort our hair in a narrow two man tent.  I was acutely aware the whole time that a thin piece of material separated us from the outside world, the elements, passers-by, the birds and the trees.  We did have shower access but most of the mornings were made up like this.

The experience definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, and forced me to adapt to a new style of living. In fact on the third night there, it rained, heavily. Now, my friend and I were there volunteering and to enjoy a few hours of festival in the evening. However, on getting back to the tent that night, we knew we were in for the worst of it. The ground was soaked, the grass was mucky, and we couldn’t risk leaving even our wellingtons outside.

As we had feared, our sleeping bags were wet! We frantically reached for the driest clothes we could find. We layered them on and continued to act as if the word “wet” didn’t exist.  Although in reality, ignorance isn’t bliss, we slept eventually. Luckily we didn’t let that one night dampen our moods.

The morning sun made us feel better as we clambered out of our half dry slumbers. It didn’t rain for the rest of the weekend. And, on returning home, I have never been more thankful for my own home, and the comforts within it.

Perhaps we should step outside our comfort zone more often, because it makes coming home that much sweeter.  Camping therefore is definitely an unforgettable experience!

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