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【Summer Holidays】

(Contributed by Will)

During my childhood the ‘summer holidays’ (‘summer vacation’ to the Americans) were often the best times of the year. In the UK, ‘summer holidays’ (or ‘the summer holiday’) refers to the break at the end of the school year (our school year starts in September and ends in July) before the start of the next one.
Typically, kids in the UK get about a month off from school before it starts again in September, though other schools can have longer breaks. For many kids, they will have just finished important exams and so the time-off from school is very ‘welcome’.
For younger kids, the summer holidays are a time to play outside with friends; climbing trees, riding bicycles and generally spending a lot of time playing, either inside or outside the house. For older kids and teenagers, it’s a time to ‘hang out’ with friends, perhaps going to the ‘cinema’ (‘movie theatre’ to the Americans) to see the latest movies or going to ‘theme parks’ (‘amusement parks’ to the Americans).
In the UK, the summer contains the best weather of the whole year and can be our only opportunity to enjoy sunshine and high temperatures. This means that for most people, their childhood ‘summer holidays’ are some of the most pleasurable times in their lives and certainly among the most ‘memorable.’
As an adult I sometimes ‘resent’ the fact that I don’t experience that ‘childlike sense of wonder’ or enjoyment from having free time in the summer like I did when I was a kid and I think many of us try to ‘recapture’ that sensation in our adult lives for that exact reason!



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