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【Actual book or Audio?】

(Contributed by Kelly)
The other day my 16-year-old asked me to purchase an audio book for her. I was a bit thrown off because she is always reading. When I asked why I understood immediately, she has summer reading to do for school. The book is not the type she usually reads so she figured she could just listen to it.
It made me start thinking about the difference between actually reading a book versus listening to one. I am also a parent who does not like to make decisions without checking into things. Therefore, I began doing some research, on the differences between reading a book yourself and listening to it on audio.
What I found out is that while listening to audio books may be an option it can actually change the way a person absorbs the material. When a person listens to a book they are able to do other things as well such as look around and even do other tasks. When we read silently or aloud, we are focuses on the content of the book and therefore take in more of its content. What it comes down to is that a person apparently pays less attention to the content of a book if listening to rather than actually reading it. It is also a bit like renting the movie instead of reading the book, it just does not seem right.
So I voted for actually reading books yourself. Since I am the boss in my house, most of the time I decided no audios, at least not for homework.
My daughter is not very happy with me because she received her book but it was a hardback and not the audio. She needs to pay attention to what they are trying to teach her in school, she has the rest of her life not to pay attention.

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