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【Nice time with a friend】

(Contributed by Jackie)
Last Friday one of my best Friends from High School called me to see if we can see each other. Her name is Michelle and we have been friends since 1995. Michelle and I are very much alike, we both are very strong and independent women capable of coming through when things get tough. She is also bilingual and a very loving and caring mother of two children, she has a six year old daughter and a 2 year old son.
Michelle always been very outspoken and tells things to people how it is, she doesn’t sugar coat anything, she is also a leader, she always has been since the day I met her, at 35 years old she is a Commander in the Puerto Rico National Guard and has been working at a base nearby my home for several months now.
Well last week she gave me a call and we met at a new Yogurt shop in my town, Yogui Fruti, this was my first time visiting that place and I really liked it. First of all, there is an indoor park for children to play which I thought was fantastic because it gives parents a place to sit down and chat while the kids are busy playing. While the children were playing we did some catching up, she asked me what I was currently doing and I asked her what she is planning to do. Well she was very impressed to hear I am working online and told me that was the best thing I did since I can have time to spend with my daughter. She spoke from experience since she is a very busy woman holding her career as an accountant plus as a Military Commander. Her husband who is also a High School friend of mine is also in the military and has just been assigned as an active duty soldier, so Michelle now has to leave the island and go with him. She is excited for him but wonders, I’ve been a busy person all my life, what am I going to do? I told her Michelle I think this is the time to finally do what you always wanted to do and become a lawyer, you have the brains and leadership to become a fantastic lawyer. My friend was very happy to hear this and told me that she will follow my advice and do just that. I told her to take advantage of the opportunity to be able to stay at home and just focus on her family and studies. I was very happy to hear I was able to motivate her to do what she always dreamed of.

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