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【Commonwealth Games 】



(Contributed by Sharan)

Commonwealth Games

I am happy to confirm, Glasgow officially opened the Commonwealth Games yesterday. As the 20th host city we are proud to hold such a beautiful, brilliant, world class event. Glasgow was on fire last night. I have to admit, it’s a great feeling to be part of something so spectacular.

The amount of love before the ceremony was fantastic. Then, once the ceremony started, there were a lot of mixed reactions. I don’t think my friends and family felt Scotland was being portrayed correctly at the beginning.  There was a worry that not everyone would understand the assumed humour behind those staged antics.

All in all it began with a fun foray of different entertainers doing their best to showcase Glasgow, in the most vibrant, and upbeat way. It is, as stated about the people, for the people, and by the people

The saying for the games is: “People make Glasgow”. And make it they do, as in one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that small talk will happen. I meant that in the context that people genuinely want to start conversations, they are welcoming from the outset, and that is the main aim, to make everyone feel welcome here. I have grown up amongst these people, and have a great love for the society and community in which I was born.

Because of that, I have always wanted to do something for my country. I wanted to make the country, my city, the whole of the UK proud. I am not sure if that will happen, and I believe it’s too late to train to be in the Olympics. However, one can dream!

On seeing the teams come out, It was great to witness such amazing spirit displayed by each country. Everyone seems delighted to be part of this event. 

Even the Queen wowed us in her pristine white ensemble. Still such an elegant lady, I am happy to have her as our Queen, we are indeed very fortunate.

Her majesty had the final word, as she declared the games “open”. Quite an exhilarating moment!


I am looking forward to watching the activity unfold over the 10 days. Yes, I love the eclectic mix of humour and talent; it’s what makes us completely unique. I am proud, and I heart Glasgow.

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