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【Toronto’s (in)famous critters!】

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(Contributed by Mike)
Last time I talked about the slightly humorous, if also slightly tragic, #DeadRaccoonTO, a dead raccoon whose neglected corpse drew the attention of Toronto’s citizens. Some clever people decided to erect an impromptu shrine, and it soon grabbed the attention of the Twittersphere. For one day, #DeadRaccoonTO was pretty famous on the internet.
This isn’t the first time that some wayward critter (気まぐれな動物) has captured Toronto’s attention. Here are a pair of other (in)famous ((悪)名高い)Toronto animals.
The IKEA Monkey
In December of 2012, a monkey wearing a fur coat was found in a Toronto IKEA. He had escaped from his cage in his owner’s car and was wandering around the parking lot. The police were called, and the monkey was cornered until Toronto animal services arrived. One Twitter user managed to take a picture, and this picture exploded in the Twittersphere. The strangeness of a well-dressed monkey loose in an IKEA made it an instant internet star. Unfortunately, that species of monkey is illegal to own in Toronto, but good news: the IKEA monkey (his name is Darwin) now lives in a primate sanctuary.
The Trinity Bellwoods White Squirrel
Squirrels are very common in Toronto. In fact, they are so common they are so common that most people consider them pests. But squirrels are popular with tourists, and a white squirrel is so rare that many people would actively try to photograph the white squirrel. It was such a legend that it became a sort of mascot for a local park, and inspired the name of a nearby coffee shop. Sadly, the white squirrel has gone to a better place. It was found dead one morning in 2014. We know that rodents of all kinds like to chew through things, and apparently, the white squirrel chewed through some electrical wiring and electrocuted itself to death.

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