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【Olympics】   *要点説明あり

(Contributed by Kelvin)
The Summer Olympics come once every four years and the Winter Olympics also once every four years. Both scheduled so that the world has Olympic competition every two years. It is a time when the world can come together in friendly competition and tear down the walls of conflict. In the summer 2016 Olympics, there was a picture of two gymnast girls taking a picture of each other with their cell phone. It was a selfie. One was from North Korea and the other one was from South Korea. In a newspaper, the caption of the picture explained that this is why we do the Olympics.
Following the Olympics in Rio, the next three Olympics will be in Asian countries. The 2018 Olympics will be in South Korea. The 2020 Olympics will be in Japan. In the 2022 Olympics will be in China. The future will have amazing times as the Olympics will be held in Asian countries. That will not be far for people in Japan to travel to if they want to see the Olympics in person.
It will be an exciting time in the year 2020 as Tokyo, Japan hosts the Summer Olympics. During the opening ceremony people will be able to see some cultural aspects of Japan. It is common countries who host the Olympics to share their culture with a presentation during the opening ceremony. This is how other countries get to learn a little bit more about the host country.

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