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【My Experience with English Grammar Part II】



(Contributed by Crystal)

My Experience with English Grammar Part II

When I was in the first grade, I attended a very small private school, so small, that my first grade class shared a room with the second grade class. While we were facing the board and learning how to write sentences, the second graders were facing the opposite direction learning how to diagram sentences. I was bored with the dull sentences on the board that were on our side of the room: Jan ran. Jan ran fast. Jan ran fast up the hill. Who cares!

Our poor teacher went back and forth between both sides of the room. She would write our dull sentences on the board and tell us to copy them; then, she would go to the second grade side and write sentence diagrams on their board. While she was facing their board, I would look over my shoulder and watch her draw the lines and diagrams. “Where does the subject go? She would ask them. I wasn’t supposed to be turned toward the second grade side. I didn’t know.

Once when she turned from the board toward the second grade class to see who raised their hands to answer the question, I had my hand raised as well. My teacher was shocked to see me paying attention to her second grade lesson. Her eyes widened and then she scolded me! “Why are you facing this direction?” she yelled. “You are supposed to be reading and writing your sentences. You are NOT in the second grade! Turn around and do your work right now or you will lose recess!”

(to be continued…)


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