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【My Experience with English Grammar Part III】



(Contributed by Crystal)

Part III

I was embarrassed and ashamed. She had humiliated me in front of the second graders! Those people who made fun of us every day! I couldn’t do my work. I put my head down and took a loss.

I stayed that way through most of recess. The teacher stayed with me in the room for a long time, but then she needed to get out for a break. So she left. When she did, I waited, then after a long moment, I lifted my head and turned to the second grade board, and there, before my eyes, was a magnificent diagram stretched out in white chalk along that black board. Subjects, predicates, verbs, prepositions! It was a beautiful piece of art work to me. I hadn’t learned how to diagram all of them, so I was a little lost. I sat there and read each part and I put the sentences together like puzzles.

 When I could hear footsteps in the hall, I turned quickly around and put my head back down. My teacher thought I was stupid. She didn’t like me at all. I didn’t like her either; the only thing that I had to look forward to in the first grade was the second grade. And that made for a very, very long year. So from that time in my life, English Grammar was a curse, and an enigma to me, and thus begun my relationship with English Grammar.

(to be continued…)

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