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【My Experience with English Grammar Part IV】



(Contributed by Crystal)

My Experience with English Grammar Part IV


Here are three expectation adverbials: only, even, & again.




I ONLY want to remember the good times.


I want to remember the good times ONLY.


I want to remember ONLY the good times.




See how that expectation adverbial, ONLY, floated around in the sentence? Adverbials can do this. Adverbials break the rules of English by doing this. Verbs don’t have this kind of freedom:




I skated today.—>good sentence


I today skated.—-> No way, the verbs in the wrong place.


Skated I today. —–>Nope, this is all wrong.




But adverbs and adverbials can MOVE AROUND IN THE SENTENCE, watch this:




I skated TODAY.


TODAY, I skated.


I will skate today, if I get the chance.


Today I will skate, if I get the chance.


If I get the chance, I will skate today.




This is a different kind of adverb though. This adverb tells us when the action took place, today. Only, tells us about the limits we put on the verb: I want to remember ONLY. I don’t want to remember everything, only something.




Adverbials are worth getting to know. They add a lot of extra information to the verb.


Today, I only remember the teachers who were mean to me. They stand out sharply in my head.


Adverbs often give themselves away with the “ly”


I ran quickly. OR —à I quickly ran.




I sat down slowly. OR I slowly sat down.


I proceeded cautiously. OR I cautiously proceeded.




That’s all for now!


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