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【Life is precious.】

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(Contributed by Rhonda)
This week I am writing with sadness in my heart. It has been a trying week. In my hometown there was a terrible accident and 2 very precious teens lost their lives and 2 others are still in the hospital in critical condition.
In America of course they are on summer vacation. During summer vacation many teens at age 16 take driving class to get their drivers license. By doing so they learn about safety driving and then get a certificate to pay a little bit less car insurance.
They were doing what a 16 year old is suppose to do. Move forward to being independent .
4 teens this past week were doing just that. They were in the school car practicing driving with the driver education teacher. One student a girl was the driver. She came to an intersection which had a traffic signal. She had a green light and was waiting for an on coming car to pass. After the on coming car pass she was about to turn when a tractor trailer ran through a red light and broadsided them (hit them from the side) . Sadly the girl driver and 1 boy sitting in the back were killed instantly . The other 2 boys remain in critical condition and the driver education teacher was seriously injured. We are praying for them all but the outlook is very grave.
It is important to remember that everyday is a precious gift. Everyday is a new day to enjoy and be with loved ones. It is important that not matter how busy we are in our lives to remember tomorrow is not promised. Hug your child and spouse everyday and take time to tell them that you love them and appreciate them. Nothing in life can ever be so bad to not forgive and to stay angry.
We never know when it may be that the one we love is chosen to go to the realm. So take time now to tell your family you love them. Don’t sweat the small things. Smile live have fun!
Tomorrow is not promised. Live each moment to the best. Live today as if it may be your last and life will be beautiful.
To my family , friends and students I love you. I appreciate you. I wish you happiness everyday.

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