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(Contributed by Ana)



I am sure many people have heard of the play Macbeth written by William Shakespeare.  The theme of this play is ruthless ambition.


This play focuses on the character, Macbeth.  We watch him plot and kill in order to become a king.  Once he is crowned, we then see his world crumble around him.


This play is definitely noteworthy, because it is considered very unlucky.  Actors shouldn’t even say the word ‘Macbeth’ if they are not on stage.  It’s for this reason that Macbeth is often called ‘The Scottish play’.  You may sometimes also hear it being called ‘The Comedy of Glamis’, or simply ‘The Play’.


It is thought that the reason why it is considered unlucky is that not only did Shakespeare include witches in this play, but he could also write real magic spells in some of the lines.  Hence, the play is cursed.


It is also said that an actor died on its first opening night, and others have died too.  This, of course, compounds the idea of this play being very unlucky.


Macbeth is noteworthy for a different reason too.  In the play, the witches tell Macbeth that there isn’t any man born from a woman who can kill him.  So, Macbeth, hearing this prophecy, thought he must be invincible.


Towards the end of the play, we find out that it doesn’t mean he is invincible after all.  This is because the person who kills Macbeth was born via a caesarean section.  Hence, the prophecy was fulfilled – but not in the way that it initially seemed!


It’s a great story!

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