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【Family Night Out】

(Contributed by Jackie)
My family from New York City has come to Puerto Rico on vacation. A lot of my family members came to the island to celebrate our little cousin’s fifteenth birthday, which by the way was beautiful! Well my family had a lot of fun going to the beach and visiting touristic places of the enchanted island. I didn’t have a chance to spend time with them as I wanted since I teach online English classes in the evenings so it was difficult for me to go out with them since most of the time they went out to dinner during that time. However on Tuesday evening I was able to make an exception, I found a sub for my two hour session I had scheduled for that night and was able to meet them at the last moment. My family waited for me at our check point but I couldn’t arrive on time since the person substituting for me answered my request at the last minute. Once I received the email that she was going to sub for me I head out to Lajas, Puerto Rico a town in the southern part of the island that is known for its beautiful beaches and bioluminescent bay. We drove about two hours to reach our destination and arrived there just in time to catch the 8:00 pm boat to the bay, I didn’t go on the boat since I didn’t want to expose my 20 month year old daughter to any danger so instead I took a stroll with my mom and daughter around the Parguera, we ate pizza and drank a delicious smoothie, once we were done our family were back from the boat ride and we headed to another beach spot in a nearby town, from there we grabbed something to eat and said our goodbyes.

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