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【My new summer job 】



(Contributed by Yuka)

My new summer job

I have a summer job at a Japanese car component company in the States.  I am used to working at a public school but working at a corporation is so different. First, they are all adults, second, it is so quiet compare to the school, and third, I am actually working with a new language called technical language.  It is so difficult. You will never understand acronyms like PANA, that stands for Panasonic, PPAD for Production Part Approval Process, MRD for Manufacturing Receiving  Data, DRBFM for Design Review Based on Failure Mode, and so on.

My job here is to translate R&D documents from Japanese to English and vice versa as well as to interpret at meetings.

Sometimes, I miss “crazy” teenagers at school.  That was always fun to watch. I don’t remember how many students were sent to the principal’s office last semester.  This is almost like eating at the disco bar (which is like working school) to upscale expensive restaurant (which is working at the corporation) for dinner. This place is quieter than schools, yet has some good atmosphere like an upscale restaurant. 

I met the company president today and we had a lunch with co-workers. Again, company cafeteria is different than teacher lounge in school. Talking about difference between here and school, I will have a tele-conference on Wednesday.  This is the first time for me to use this type of system.  I will have a meeting with my manager who is in California.  This meeting will be held at a big meeting room with big screen. Anyway, this will be interesting. When we have a meeting connecting Japanese and Michigan offices, I will work as an interpreter. And it will be just like this meeting.  I am so excited, yet a little nervous.  I guess I will be all right.  At this point, I don’t know whether I will stay here or go back to the school job. They want me to stay longer.  Ironically, the school wants me back and Tachi –s (other Japanese company where I teach Japanese) want me back as well.

I guess I have to wait and see , and eventually I will figure it out. 


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