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【Business Idioms】   *要点説明あり

(Contributed by Karl)
1. Above board = If a situation or business is described as above board, it is open, honest and legal.
There are not secret negotiations. Our dealings have always been above board.
2. Hold all the aces =to be in a favorable position, to be in a controlling position.
How can I advance in my career when my competitor holds all the aces?
If I held all the aces, I’d be able to do great things.
I tried to get my points across, but Joan held all the cards and the board voted for her plan.
3. Black market = The illegal business of buying or selling currency or goods banned by a government or subject to governmental control, such as price controls or rationing.
A place where such illegal business is carried on.
4. Blue chip company = A stock market quoted company considered reliable in terms of both dividend income and capital value.
Many investors think it is quiet safe to invest in a blue chip company.
5. Clinch a deal = In a business relationship, if you clinch a deal, you reach agreement on a proposal or offer.
Karl’s final meeting with the new clients enabled us to clinch the deal.
6. Cut and dried = If you refer to a situation, problem or solution as cut and dried, you mean that it is clear and straightforward with no likely complications.
When the new manager arrived, he didn’t find the situation as cut and dried as he had expected.
7. Dead wood = dead wood refers to people or things which are no longer considered useful or necessary.
The new manager wants to reduce costs by cutting out the dead wood.
8. Done and dusted = When a project, task or activity is done and dusted, it is completely finished or ready.
I’ve nearly finished preparing the presentation, when it’s all done and dusted I’ll be able to relax.
9. Down the drain = To say that money, time or energy has gone down the drain means that it has been wasted or lost.
His years of research went down the drain when the company went bankrupt.
10. Golden handshake = A golden handshake is a generous sum of money given to a person when they leave a company or retire (sometimes given to encourage early retirement).
1.Above board: 公明正大に(カードゲームで、自分の手がテーブルの上にある)
2.Hold all the aces:有意な立場にある(トランプですべてのエースを持っている)
3.Black market:闇市
4.Blue chip company:優良企業(Blue chip:ポーカーで使うもっとも高価なチップ)
5.Clinch a deal:取引をまとめる(ボクシングでは相手に抱き着くのをクリンチといいますね)
6.Cut and dried:お決まりの
7.Dead wood:役に立たない人
8.Done and dusted:無事に終了する
9.Down the drain:無駄になって、排水管を下って見えなくなるイメージ
10.Golden handshake:高額の退職金

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