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【Caution Travelers! It`s a jungle out there!】



(Contributed by Reuben)


Caution Travelers! It`s a jungle out there!

Always be wary of thieves and gang members who are trying to rob you or do something worse than that. This mentality came in handy when I went to Thailand. I was ready for anything. I even purchased those special money belts to hide my money and passport for safety. I kept my head on a swivel observing everyone; be suspicious of everyone.  Especially with my wife with me I was in alert mode, constantly being ready to fight or run at a drop of a hat.

I didn`t care if my behavior was most likely unwarranted and probably inappropriate. I wasn`t going to take any chances with my family, and I never will.  My family’s safety is my number one priority.  Although I don`t consider myself a target because of my size and demeanor. These people who would be rude usually change their tune in my presence.  I guess I just have that “don`t mess with me!” look.

All kidding aside though, there are a few things to watch out for when traveling abroad especially by yourself, such as when people bump into you. You should immediately check for your wallet or purse.  Never count your money in public, and be wary of any suspicious characters that wear sunglasses or appear to be observing you.  Usually thieves wear sunglasses to hide their line of sight.  Stay away from deserted areas and always stay in crowded or tourist designated areas. Usually those areas are well patrolled by local authorities.  Remember that women are prime targets. Usually female victims won`t chase after a thief out of fear or lack of speed.

 So for those of you traveling abroad in this summer, just remember that getting your wallet or passport stolen will result in ruining your whole vacation.

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