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【UK and US Different Words】   *要点説明あり

(Contributed by Karl)
Over the past 400 years the form of the language used in the Americas, especially in the United States, and that used in the United Kingdom have diverged in a few minor ways, leading to the versions now occasionally referred to as American English and British English. Differences between the two include pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, idioms, and formatting of dates and numbers, although the differences in written and most spoken grammar structure tend to be much less than those of other aspects of the language.

Solicitor Lawyer
Mobile Phone Cell Phone
Trousers Pants
Garden Yard
Trainers Sneakers
Film Movie
Single (Ticket) One-Way (Ticket)
Flat Apartment
Postcode Zip Code
City Centre Downtown
Motorway Freeway/Highway
Biscuit(s) Cookie(s)
Car Park Parking Lot
Chemist Drugstore
Financial Year Fiscal Year
Ground Floor First Floor
Holiday Vacation
Lift Elevator
Mum/Mummy Mom/Mommy
Petrol Gas/Gasoline
Postbox Mailbox
White Coffee Coffee with Cream

Many words end in “our” in England, and “or” in America

Colour Color
Flavour Flavor
Honour Honor
Neighbour Neighbor

Also telling the time has some differences, 15 minutes after the hour is called ”quarter past” in British usage, and a quarter after or, less commonly, a quarter past in American usage. Fifteen minutes before the hour is usually called ”quarter to” in British usage and a quarter of, a quarter to or a quarter ‘til in American usage. The form of a quarter to is associated with parts of the Northern United States.
Thirty minutes after the hour is commonly called half past in both British English and American English. Half after is more common in the US. In informal British speech, the preposition is sometimes omitted, so that 5:30 may be referred to as half five. The American formations “top of the hour” and “bottom of the hour” are not used in British English. Forms such as eleven forty are common in both dialects. To be simple and direct in telling time, no terms relating to fifteen or thirty minutes before/after the hour are used, rather the time is told exactly as for example nine fifteen, ten forty-five.

 それぞれAmerican English,British Englishと呼ばれています。
・毎時の15分過ぎは英国ではquarter past …..と言いますが、
 米国ではquarter after…..の方がquarter past …..より一般的です。
・毎時の15分前は英国ではquarter to …..、米国ではa quarter of…..、
 a quarter to、またはa quarter tilが使われます。
・米国でquarter to …..が使われるのは、北部地方となっています。
・毎時の30分過ぎは米国も英国もhalf pastを使います。
・Half afterは米国でより一般的です。
・英国の口語では、前置詞を省略して、5:30をhalf fiveと言うことがあります。
・米国流のtop of the hourやbottom of the hourは英国では使われていません。
・例えば11時40分の場合eleven fortyと言います。
 nine fifteenやten forty-fiveが使われています。

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