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【My Holiday Camp】   *要点説明あり

(Contributed by Ben)
This Summer (and every Summer) I helped to run a holiday camp. It’s a holiday for young people, from 14 to 18 years old. When I was young, I went on this camp every year. When I got too old, I joined the ‘team’, and became a leader. So I still go every year – but now I have responsibilities.
It’s called a holiday ‘camp’ because all the young people stay together, away from home, and away from their families. It’s a great environment to make new friends. Many camps are held outdoors, in tents. Those camps involve climbing and sports and boats. But my camp is different. It’s a computer camp: everybody stays indoors. My favourite sort of holiday!
There are several activities the young people can choose. They can learn computer programming (in a variety of languages); they can learn photography; they can learn to record and edit music; or they can record and edit videos. Each activity has two or three ‘team’, adults who are specialised in that subject.
The video activity is my area of expertise. I take a good camera, some microphones, and a couple of computers for editing. I also take a big bag of unusual clothes, to use as costumes. (A lot of my blog posts involve unusual clothes – I have a large and fascinating wardrobe, so I always have some new items to take to camp). I teach the young people to use the equipment, and how to perform in front of cameras. Many of them produce their own material for Youtube, so they’re happy to learn new techniques.
It’s an educational environment, but it’s much more fun and relaxed than schools. People come because they want to, and they enjoy themselves while they develop new skills. They also have plenty of free time to play games and make friends.
The holiday is held in a boarding school, during the Summer holidays. (A ‘boarding’ school is one with bedrooms for the students). It’s a nice venue. It looks like an expensive school – they have horses and ponies and alpacas and pygmy goats. This year there were also some baby pigeons. People come from far and wide to attend the holiday. This year we had campers from Belgium and Germany.
It’s a wonderful holiday camp – but it’s really exhausting. It lasts ten days, and at the end, I feel like I need a holiday! Long, active days, and late nights editing video. I can’t wait for next year!


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