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【I finally tried it!】



(Contributed by Reuben)

I finally tried it! 


  So my wife went on a summer camp trip with her church, and I`ve been telling her how much I wanted to try inago tsukudani. In Tochigi she finally found some.  So she bought it for me! I was so surprised and happy that she remembered that.  I couldn`t wait to go home and try it.  It wasn`t really anything special, though.  All tsukudani taste pretty much the same to me. I did have ebi tsukudani, and it tasted the same as this one.  So I was a little disappointed in the whole experience, but not in the taste or texture. Rather in the variety of flavor.  It seemed to remind me of the old Jelly beans where no matter what color you picked, they all tasted the same.

So there you have it. I completed my goal for the year. I ate tsukudani and enjoyed it.  Maybe I`ll go back to Thailand, and try their grasshoppers.  Well there are some foods I`m still curious about such as: snake, rabbit, ostrich egg, warthog (wild pig), bear, buffalo, and fugu.  Will I ever get the opportunity? Only time will tell. To be honest though, the only food I really had trouble swallowing was natto, and that was only because of the texture.  I eventually learned to love it.  I think my true test will be to devour a grub. Those disgusting pulsating fat worms that live in dead rotting wood.  Those to me are the worst and most creepy insects that ever existed.  I still want to try it though just to say I did it.  Although very expensive I`ve always wanted to try black stergin caviar. I heard it’s extremely salty, but also very savory.


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