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(Contributed by Jackie)
Coffee my favorite drink, Puerto Rico coffee is one of the best coffee in the world so it’s only natural that I would love coffee. As I child I saw my parents and siblings drink coffee everyday, I loved the aroma and always wanted a taste but my mother didn’t give me coffee since children should not consume caffeine, sometimes I would convince her to give me a try but I can count the times I did try it with one hand.
I finally started to drink coffee when I was nineteen years old, back then I was a full time college student working full time, a passionate weight trainer and I also sneaked in a few hours to hang out with friends so naturally I was exhausted the next day so I relied on coffee to work and go to school. That was the beginning of my coffee addiction, at first it was just something to keep me awake so I drank it only when it was needed. I became hooked a few years later when I drank one of the best coffee I’ve ever tried before, it was made by a very nice elderly woman and from that point on I drank coffee because I loved it!
In Puerto Rican culture coffee is consumed in the morning and mid afternoon , people also offer coffee when visitors come along. Whenever I am visiting and someone offers coffee I never decline since it is a customary drink to have in spite of the hot humid weather people always enjoy a cup of coffee accompanied with some crackers and cheese. I love Puerto Rican coffee so much that when I travel I always bring my favorite brand from Puerto Rico with me because I need my powerful cup of Joe in the morning.
Puerto Rican coffee is prepared with milk and sugar, we call it café con leche and it is a delight, I usually put little or no sugar because I don’t like it very sweet but most of the people here enjoy sweet warm coffee.

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