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【Finding A Series To Read】   *要点説明あり

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(Contributed by Eve)
I was a history major in college. From the time that I was a very little girl, I always knew I had some strange fascination with history. I loved learning about other people and cultures. I credit this fascination to my love of one particular series of novels for young girls, called The Royal Diaries. The series explored young woman’s lives throughout history and all over the world. It featured princesses who later became great Queens from all the continents and many islands throughout the world. The diaries would be set at the time of these young woman’s lives when the most change happened, usually from early adolescence to late adolescence. The events that spanned this time in the young women’s lives often gave great background to historical events that would have been hard to understand straight from a textbook. Reading through a young woman’s voice in her “diary”, the series made history less of a string of random facts, and instead, it became real.
It was a fundamental series that really did shape my worldview. I came to believe from a young age that all cultures were important and worthy of examination. Plus, I also was introduced to the lives of young women in history, who are often left behind in any history textbook simply because they were children or women.
Finding a series of novels that you like can have drastic consequences for the way you view your world. Moreover, become an avid reader structures the way language is created in your mind. The more you read, the better you think, write, and speak. I always encourage students to find a book or a series that really grips them, piques their curiosity, and inspires them to learn more and more about the same topic. In this way, students become more familiar in a really fun, entertaining way.
I hope you find a series to enjoy too!

・「The Royal Diaries」という一冊の本との出会いがそのきっかけでした。

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