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【Studying Online】   *要点説明あり


(Contributed by Gary)

I have been in Japan for many years now, as an English teacher. When I started out, to be honest, I knew very little about English grammar, especially the grammatical terms, and I had almost no Japanese. In order to become a better teacher, I realised it was necessary to learn them both to have a clear understanding of the language I was teaching, as well as understanding my students and the difficulties they faced learning a new language.
Since then I have improved my knowledge of both English and Japanese, however I felt that this was not enough. So I decided to study a Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics online, after almost fourteen years since I finish University, the prospect of becoming a student again was daunting. Also I had a full time job, so this would be extra work on top of that, would I be able to juggle both? Anyway I took the plunge and went for it.
I have now been studying for two years, sometimes I’m very busy, especially when an assignment is due. Often I’ll work through the night trying to get it right. However, I have no regrets. Studying has been fascinating, I learned many new things and I feel proud when I’m able to achieve good grades. Also my course is relevant to my job, so I’m able to apply the things I’ve learned to my work, as well as use my experience of teaching Japanese people in my studies.
Now I’m coming to the final stage of my course, which involves writing a very long report, this will be a huge task, but also a huge achievement if and when I complete it. It feels like a long interesting journey is coming to an end, although the final part is a mountain I have to climb. Wish me luck!

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