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【I’m baaaaack!!! Part 2 】

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(Contribured by Michelle)
At first, I wasn’t sure exactly what to do since so many people came to my lesson. However, my coworkers and I were able to set up a video conferencing system which was linked to all the rooms at the university where I was teaching. All the people who’d come to my lesson, were now able to watch me and still take my lesson, even though they weren’t in the room with me. Of course, it was a dream so things got a bit confusing and before I knew it, people online including some of you, were taking my lessons online. I hadn’t realized I was teaching online students as well and began to freak out. In other words, I panicked!
I didn’t have a PC to type with students because I was originally supposed to teach a classroom of 20 or so. The dream got a bit fuzzy and then really vivid. After teaching the lesson, the president of the school appeared. She was kind of like a Japanese ghost without anything below the knees and she floated about the room in a mist or fog of some sort.
She was very angry with me because I hadn’t prepared for the lesson properly and thought I should have known how many people were going to be in my class. I tried to defend myself, but that just made her angrier. Then she looked at the clock and got really, really mad because I apparently was late for my next class. I began running with my bag and things. I was late and I really had to go!
Then, I suddenly woke up. It was like a huge jolt which made me jump out of bed. When I realized where I was I jumped onto my computer and began to frantically login so I could teach my Saturday classes. I really thought I was late to class. (To be continued….)
Thanks for reading!
~ Michelle

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