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【Studying Online】(Basic Level Discussion – Examples)

(Contributed by Takashi)
Have you ever lived abroad before?
I lived in Malaysia in the early 2000s for three years.
I was in Malaysia before. It was in the early 2000s. I stayed there for three years.
I have lived in Malaysia for three years.
If you had the chance to live abroad, do you think you would feel homesick? Why or why not?
No, I don’t think so. If I had been abroad, say twenty years ago as a young man, I might have fallen into homesickness. But I think now I am too old for that.
Yes, I would become homesick. I am strongly attached to my granddaughter. So, I would miss her a lot if I had to live abroad and far away from her.
What would you miss the most about Japan if you lived overseas?
I would definitely miss certain foods such as Japanese rice, miso soup and green tea.
I would probably miss Japanese customs and the particular ways the Japanese society works. For example, I would most likely miss Japanese New Year’s Day and the punctuality of Japanese public transportation.
Have you ever felt homesick before?
No, I haven’t. I left my hometown four years ago to live alone in Tokyo, but I have never felt homesick. It is probably because there are so many things to do in Tokyo that keep my mind off (of) my hometown.
Yes, I have. That’s why I have been calling my family on Skype every week ever since I moved here. But video conversation is no substitute for meeting them in person/in the flesh.

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