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【Windows 10】

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(Contributed by Mike)
A few days ago Windows 10 was released, and I, like countless others around the world, decided to upgrade my computer. I was a little worried; when Windows 10 was announced, I didn’t really pay attention to the details of what it would bring. In fact, because my experiences with Windows 8/8.1 were mostly negative, I figured that I wouldn’t like it.
My computer experiences have been shaped by every other release. My first real computer that I could call my own was a Windows machine. Skipping Windows ME, the laptop I brought with me to Japan was a Windows XP machine. Windows Vista was available when I built my computer in Japan, but I chose to go with the familiar XP. When I returned to Canada, I went with a Windows 7 OS.
So in the days leading up to the release of Windows 10, I was surprised to find that many people were quite pleased. The user experience was similar to Windows 7, a welcome change from the tablet-centric experience that seemed to be Windows 8. So after about half a day of deciding whether to upgrade or not, I took the plunge.
So far so good. The upgrade process was very easy, if a little lengthy. For the most part, when I started up my computer after the upgrade, everything was in the same place, with only a new taskbar to indicate that anything had changed. All of my programs seemed to work from the get-go, and I’ve only had to reinstall one program so far. One thing which has annoyed me is that Windows 10 seems to be stricter on User Account Control. Whenever I start a program, I have to click on a dialogue box to authorize the action. I also can’t seem to actually turn off my computer without holding the physical button; shutting down the computer only leads to a lock screen, like on a tablet. As I’m using a big desktop computer, this is a little annoying.
I think I’ll be staying with Windows 10. After all, it’s a free upgrade to a new OS, and that more than makes up for the annoyances I’m dealing with now.

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