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【The History of the UK: The many Roman Invasions】


(Contributed by George)
Last week I mentioned one of the most famous invasions of the British Isles, the Anglo-Saxon invasion that brought the ‘English language’ from Germany. Now I want to talk about another great invasion, the invasion of the Roman Empire under the command of the famous Julius Caesar.
Julius Caesar did not ever conquer the Islands, but did many successful attacks, and set up a Britain as a trading partner with Rome. It is here that a lot of the original ideas of British culture began – the rich south of Britain and the poor north began when the south became wealthy off the trade with the Roman empire.
After Julius Caesar, attacking the British Isles became a fashionable thing to do, many emperors and generals would attempt to invade: some successful, some tragic. The most successful invasion of Britain was that of Emperor Claudius, uncle to Caligula, They allied themselves with the Atrebates (a Belgic Tribe that ruled parts of Britain). They landed in Kent (South East England) and were unopposed, as the Celtic armies (pre- Anglo-Saxon Britons) delayed attacking the romans. When the Celts did attack, the Roman’s already controlled much of Britain, and the Celts were defeated. Claudius came to Britain with 38 war elephants and the Celts were forced to flee (escape) to Wales and the North.
The Britons, especially the English, became Romans very easily.
There was a bloody revolt (revolution) in by the famous British Tribal Queen Boudicca (Bu – dik – kah), she was angry at the way the roman’s ruled Briton, and wanted a change. She Massacred (killed many many) Romans Camulodonum (Colchester) a town where roman soldiers settled. But the revolt was ‘short-lived’ and an army was allowed to land in Londinium (London), Boudicca managed to destroy Londinium (which was a Roman city before being a British one) before she was met outside the city by roman soldiers and defeated, keeping Britain under roman control.
Britain was only freed from the romans when the Roman Empire Fell. The rich south still loved its Roman ways and sophistication, and helped to define the North/South divide in England.
Next it was the Anglo-Saxons (previous post) who made England a Germanic state and separated it from Scotland and Wales.
Next time I’ll be talking about another invasion, The Vikings. Step by step you’ll begin to see how England and the rest of Britain has become a ‘Mongeral nation’ of mixed-culture and race since its birth as a country.
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