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【More Star Trek Origins】

(Contributed by Lala)
The last blog opened a discussion about the deck crew of the USS Enterprise. Gene Roddenberry planned his science fiction tv show to include a multi-ethnic cast. Around that time, Gene became friends with his father’s friend, Deputy Chief William H. Parker, who became the Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. Chief Parker wanted an updated newspaper unit and Captain Stanley Sheldon was in charge. It was lucky for Gene that he had known Captain Sheldon through his college days, because he ended up writing speeches for Mr. Parker. This opportunity resulted in Gene writing about Chief Parker’s professional philosophy in an in-house magazine called, “The Beat.”
Gene discovered the perfect personality for his character, Spock, as he wrote about Chief Parker. He decided to create Spock’s rational and unemotional way of viewing everything, based on the LAPD Chief’s behavior, which was primarily factual, and ultimately, very dry. The character didn’t truly come to life until Leonard Nimoy, was considered to play the part. Majel Barrett, the female actor who would play Nurse Chapel in the Star Trek series, reminded Gene, that Mr. Nimoy had the potential to be Mr. Spock. Both Majel and Gene had worked with Leonard, on a film called, The Lieutenant. Gene remembered Mr. Nimoy’s unusual appearance and thin features, and realized that he already knew who should play Mr. Spock. By coincidence, Mr. Nimoy had experience playing another kind of alien, a Martian, in a 1952 film called Zombies Of The Stratosphere. It was Leonard who thought of the Vulcan salute and it was also he, who came up with the infamous, nerve pinch, to end all hand to hand combats, but more on these topics next time….

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