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【Star Trek Continued: The Creation of Spock by Lala】

(Contributed by Lala)
Leonard Nimoy snapped up the role of a lifetime when he was cast as a half human, half Vulcan named S’chn T’gai Spock, the son of Sarek, for the television pilot called, “The Cage”, in 1964. This pilot was never aired but S’chn T’gai Spock lived on to show up as the science officer for the USS Enterprise in the Star Trek series. Most people know the character as Mr. Spock or just, Spock.
It wasn’t until 1966, that Mr. Spock was finally introduced for the first time to television audiences, in a Star Trek episode called, “The Man Trap”. In that show, we met the science officer for the USS Enterprise and realized that he was different from everyone else in the ship’s crew. Mr. Roddenberry had created a most unusual kind of alien, one that was only part Vulcan and with the other part being human.
Yet, how many people know that it was Mr. Nimoy who thought up the Vulcan salute? Yes, it was he, who developed the LLAP hand salute from an ancient, Hebrew blessing that uses a hand symbol to form the letter, Shin in Hebrew. When Leonard was a little boy, he was watching a ceremony and his father told him not to look. However, Leonard peeked for a moment and saw the priest’s hand making this interesting gesture that he thought was amazingly magical. The memory of this special moment gave birth to the symbol as an incredible hand gesture that Leonard decided to share for his role of Mr. Spock.
Another of Mr. Nimoy’s creations is the infamous, Vulcan nerve pinch. Whenever the Enterprise crew members were caught in a bad situation, Vulcan often saved the day with this handy technique that temporarily put an individual out of commission (knocked out the person) and thereby was a less violent means of force. Many angry humans or aliens, were subdued by using the special pinch to the individual’s neck nerve. This brings new meaning to an idiom: When you’re caught in a pinch (having some kind of trouble), use the Vulcan pinch. That was a little bit of other worldly humor for us terrestrial folks on planet Earth.
Until next time, LLAP!

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