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【Note on Starting a New Part-time Job on July 28, 2015】

(Contributed by Takashi)
Here are short paragraphs I made to complete, edit, expand or summarize what we talked during the above dated discussion. The purpose is solely for learning English – this is not a transcript. The passages are highly edited for you to experience various expressions and words, no longer reflecting the people who made the original comments. Hope they help – Takashi
The job I took for the first time while I was a student was an office assistant in charge of miscellaneous clerical work. My responsibilities were simple – filing and sorting out various paperwork and documents.
I worked as a security guard for the Grand Sumo Tournament when it came to town. The best thing about that job was I could watch the bouts free of charge. Since I have never gotten such a great perk from any jobs.
I once signed up with a temp agency, which soon started to give me assignments where the clients were experiencing sudden shortages of hands. That meant I had to go to busy job sites at a moment’s notice. As a pinch hitter, I sold various kinds of things, including goods I knew nothing about. Every time I was sent, I had to hit the ground running.
I worked as a shopkeeper at this cute cake shop when I was in high school. I loved the job because I was able to earn pocket money, it was fun talking to the customers who greatly admired the cakes and the owner gave us leftovers whenever he had some. Of course, there was a downside to it – I put on a few extra kilograms thanks to the freebee and my sweet tooth.
I did home tutoring when I was in college. The pay was great but that was not the best part of that job. The mother of the student I was teaching was a very good cook and she always invited me to their family dinner. Because I was living alone back then, having dinner in a family atmosphere was precious. I cherished the occasions. In fact, they greatly alleviated the loneliness I was feeling at that time.
The part-time job I did while I was a student strongly influenced my career choice. I worked at an accountant’s office that specialized in tax filing. That experience made me interested in accounting. I went on to study accounting later in college. For all intents and purposes, that student part-time job functioned as an internship for me. If I didn’t do that part-time job, I wouldn’t have pursued accounting and wouldn’t have made the kind of career success I enjoy now.
The job I did as a high school student was an assistant at the reception desk of a wedding hall. The thing I remember the most about that job is the fact that I was always awestruck by the beauty of brides. In my teenage eyes, they were absolutely exquisite. I was utterly moved. So much so, I often could not keep my mind on my tasks while I was supposed to be busy doing the work at hand.
When I was in college, I worked at a ramen shop near a movie studio. So, many movie stars frequented the shop. Witnessing celebrities eating as mundane as bowls of ramen was surreal, fun and disappointing all mixed together. I enjoyed dealing with them in person, not as the images on the movie screen, though.

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