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【Dress Code】



(Contributed by Sharan)

Do you think that what you wear, and your overall presentation affects your performance, at work or in other areas of your life? Well, in my case, it absolutely does.

If you notice dress-down- Fridays although hugely popular is not the best day for business negotiations or time to secure maximum productivity. The smart casual approach is best on this day, but dressing down completely in informal attire is a recipe for disaster. It’s like dressing for your holidays whilst waiting for your plane to take off, at the airport. Everyone is in jovial spirits, in holiday mode, and no one is really thinking about work all that much. I think this is something we should think about on these days.

On the flipside of that argument, if you dress smarter on say an evening out with friends, people look at you differently. If you dress in more informal wear, you appear to be letting your hair down, if you wear a blazer, you mean business. How you wear your hair, your make-up, your shoes, your accessories (both for men and women) is measured by those around you. In fact, everything you do, and how you present your image to the world indicates a message, whether intentional or not.

There are also strong feelings associated to what you wear, and how it looks. Notice, how good you feel when wearing a smart suit, that’s well fitted, in a classic or on trend style. It creates an array of positive emotions, when you wear something that makes you look fresh and sharp.

Also, smart casual clothes have the same effect. It might be a blazer, t-shirt, and jeans, or it could be a leather jacket with a fitted dress. However, when you find a fantastic style that works for most occasions and really flatters your figure, there is no denying the feelings associated are amazing.

Once you are well dressed, you may find your confidence levels rise. I think therefore, it’s really important to assess the work wardrobe from time to time, to ensure you are prepared for success.

It’s a point that can easily slip the net; it’s an area that you can become complacent in. I hope I always remember to look my very best, and give my very best in all endeavours. I wish you the very best in yours as well.

Thank you very much for reading.


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