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【History of the UK: Attack of the Vikings】

(Contributed by George)
Onto the third great invasion of the UK, and perhaps the one of the most misunderstood. The Vikings, a proud seafaring Norse-people from modern Denmark.
The Vikings are perhaps some of the most feared historical peoples, certainly for people England they were seen as a terrifying enemy that would take away all the civilisation of Rome and christainity. They were considered the ultimate barbarian, totally uncivilised, monsters that cross the North Sea, from Denmark to English shores.
But like the Romans we have a lot to thanks the Vikings for. We have Danish blood in our veins, just like we have roman blood and German blood. The Vikings raided our land, they pillaged, stole and tortured – and it is these things which we generally remember them for.
The invasions began as raids, villages were burned, woman taken by the Vikings, gold & crops stolen. This is what most britains remember, this is the fear that still after 1000 years we learn about.
But this isn’t the whole story, many Vikings settled in Britain, many moved here peacefully with their families and built new towns and villages. The famous English kingdom of Mercia was ruled by King Cnut, as part of his Empire that Covered Denmark, England, Norway and Sweden. He Captured London with a treaty, and ruled successfully for many years.
We in England ARE the Vikings, we have the barbarian blood.

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