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【Three Countries in One Day】   *要点説明あり

(Contributed by Justin)
Since I’m not an official resident of Honduras yet, I stay in the country on a touristic visa. This means every 4 months I have to leave to another country in order to receive an extra four months in the country. In order to get this extension I have to go as far as Belize or Mexico if I don’t go to the United States, and if I was to head south I have to reach at least Costa Rica
This time I travelled with some friends and we made a trek to Belize. In theory it’s not very far, but all depends on what time you start your trip and how well the transportation is. Reaching the Honduras – Guatemala border on bus which takes about 5 hours from my house, we cross the border and head to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala by shuttle bus. This shuttle takes about 30 minutes or so. Puerto Barrios is a port, so once we get to customs, we buy a boat ticket to Belize. There is $10 exit tax, which isn’t too bad.
We head on the boat which takes about 1 hour to Belize. This boat can be smooth sailing or a terribly rough and wet ride depending on the ocean. My last experience was the terribly rough and wet ride, but this time it was extremely smooth sailing. So smooth that I even nodded off for about 20 minutes. Upon reaching the beautiful waterfront of Punta Gorda, Belize, we disembark and head our destination. The hot, humid terrain full of adventure awaited us.

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