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【Good news in Shibuya】



(Contributed by Kota)

Underground music. If you hear this word, do you recognize it? If not, underground music is something like sub-culture music, which stays behind mainstream music. Japan is one of the countries in which mainstream music is so dominant in the market. This is partially because they promote pop music a lot through media. But, I want to emphasize that Japan is also one of the countries which has a huge market for underground music. Many underground musicians from other countries try to sell their music in Japan. I should say that they tend to release their albums in Japan before they release them in their own countries because there are high demands in Japan.


I recently find that the famous music shop is coming back to Shibuya. This is great for underground music scenes. They used to have a huge shop there and spread so much important and exciting music information to all sorts of music fans. It is time again for underground music fans to go back to Shibuya. This is not just small domestic subcultural news. This is actually big news to lots of music fans in the world. I must say Shibuya has had largest music shops in the world, with decent music collections. Many music fans, particularly underground music fans know this fact very well. Hmm no music, no life.

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