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【Culture and mental strength】



(Contributed by Kota)

World cup has been going for a few weeks. By the time I am writing this blog, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, and Netherland are in semi-finals. Those countries are definitely strong. So are other countries which have already lost. Why are some countries (e.g., Argentina, Brazil, and Germany) so dominant in World Cup all the time? Well, they have better players and couches, of course. But, I personally believe that their strong mentality plays a big role in their success. For example, England has great players, but they hardly win World Cup. Why? British are not good at taking pressure. They seem to give too much pressure to themselves. What is worse is that British media gives too much pressure to their national football team. As a result, the players do not perform very well.


This British case is just an example. Developing strong/different mentality is really challenging. We all belong to at least a cultural frame. If you belong to a culture which gives you more pressure and asks success without failures, you may not be able to cope with pressure. If you belong to a culture which allows you to have more space and accepts failures, you may be able to cope with high pressure and perform well. Humans are extremely complicated, and it is hard to change someone’s mentality which is bound to a culture. But when people learn how to free themselves from their cultural frame and develop new mentality, they would be much tougher and successful.


Space is a bit too tight to make my point. But, thanks for reading anyway.

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