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【Body Language】



(Contributed by Ana)


Body Language


There is one language that we share throughout the world.   Yet, it has no words or sounds.    It can reveal intention, thoughts and emotions.  Indeed, it plays a significant part in communicating with others.  We use it equally at work, and in our personal lives.


This language is called body language.


Some people say that body language is the most important facet of face-to-face communication.  This is because we often use body language to enhance, or detract, verbal communications by how you sit, stand, or move your eyes.


Body language can also be used to engage people and make them feel that you are worth listening to.


Eye contact is vital if you want someone to listen to you. Not too long, of course.


If you are in an interview, for example, the best way to communicate is to look thoughtfully in the distance when you are asked a question. Then, look back at the interviewer when you give your answer.


In a presentation, it’s best to make eye contact with as many people as possible, but without staring at anyone in particular.


The body position can indicate if someone is excited, relaxed, stressed or bored.


For example, if someone is sitting with their shoulders slumped, and their head hanging down, it gives a clear indication of someone who is pretty unhappy. Arms crossed portray someone as being defensive, perhaps due to be being worried, or scared about something.


However, you can use your body language to gain interest. Apparently, the best way to do this is to be sitting down, slightly leant forward with your arms open.


Gesture and movement can also emphasize face-to-face conversations.


Examples of this are spreading arms to express the size of an idea or an object. A closed fist can express anger or strength.    If the hand is raised with an open palm, it can indicate calm, or to be quiet.  Moving the whole body can easily express urgency.


It is said that in a presentation, walking around a little bit can help keep the audience’s attention. However, too much movement, and it will detract from what you are saying.


Body language is definitely a very fascinating world.

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